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Pacific Rim 2005 NTAC-AAPI Presentations: February 28 - March 1, 2005

Photo: Pac Rim Presentation
Photo: Weol Soon Kim-Rupnow
Photo: Amy Nawatani
Photo: Christine Su Presents at Pac Rim
Photo: Amy Nawatani Presents at Pac Rim
Photo: Pac Rim Attendees

Title: Expanding Employment Opportunities!
Presenters: Weol Soon Kim-Rupnow, Ph.D. Christine Su, Ph.D. Amy Nawatani, M.A.
Employment opportunities for those with disabilities are often unrealized—a true shame when the reality is that persons with disabilities have the ability and bring diversity to the workplace. At the National Technical Assistance Center for Asian Americans and pacific Islanders (NTAC-AAPI) with disabilities, employment opportunities are being developed and created through outreach, education, and mentoring using NTAC’s web based tool entitled, “Hire Interested and Ready Employees in the U.S.” (HIRE.US!). In this session a consumerand NTAC staff will recount their experiences job-site mentoring and how these experiences help to improve employment outcomes!

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